Present Layers

Following layers are used as a present map layer. These are used overlaied over old maps.

Fundamental Geospatial DataFGDThe layer which has Fundamental Geospatial Data Web Map Service, excepting contours.
Prefecture/Municipality NameThe layer which has prefecture and municipality(city,town or villege) name by Place Name Web Map Service.
Section NameThe layer which has section name by Place Name Web Map Service.

Present Contour Layer

The layers which has only present contour.

ContourThe layer which has contours of Fundamental Geospatial Data Web Map Service.

Rapid Survey Map in Kanto Plain

About this map

This map uses Rapid Survey Map (an old map) in Kanto and Fundamental Geospatial Data (a present map).

Rapid Survey Map was created between 1880 and 1896, drawn in color (French army style).

The original data is created by Historical Agro-Environment Browsing System(External Site).


This map uses following layers.

Rapid Survey Map in Kanto PlainRapid Survey MapRapud Surve Map in Kanto Plain provided by Historical Agro-Environement Web Map Service.
Fundamental Geospatial DataFGDPresent Layers
Prefecture/Municipality Name
Section Name
ContourPresetn Contour Layer

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