It is wrong that WMSs had a trouble between 29th May and 7th June

  • Modified on 14th June, 2011
  • Modified on 7th June, 2011
  • Published on 7th June, 2011

"WMSs had a trouble between 29th May - 7th June"e; was announce in this page. But that was wrong.

If your WMS client views incorrect map image, please try to change the URL, for example, "" to "" to force the client to request with WMS 1.1.x.

On 29th May, the new version of server software (MapServer) was installed, and the "trouble" occurred after that. But the new version looks following the specification as possible.

According to WMS 1.1.x, axis orientation must be Easting - Northing (OGC 01-068r3 P.17).

According to WMS 1.3.0, axis orientation must depend on the particular, and it may be Easting - Northing or may be not (OGC 06-042 P.16).

In the case of the WMSs in this site, the order of Japan Plane Rectangular (EPSG:2443-EPSG:2461, EPSG:30161-EPSG:30179) is Northing - Easting order.

(Strictly, order of latlong CRS (EPSG:4019, EPSG:4301, EPSG:4326, EPSG:4612) are Northig - Easting. But MapServer 6 treats as Easting - Northing order if the CRS is between EPSG:4000 and EPSG:4999).

If the client requests the map along WMS 1.3.0 but specifies BBOX with "West,South,East,North" (like WMS 1.1.x), the server will return uncorrect map because the server recognizes BBOX with "South,West,North,East".

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