Significant modifications of this site

  • Modified on 27th December, 2019 (A link to the latest information removed)
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  • Published on 7th March, 2016

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In 2015, the headquarters of our organization directed us to have security check by a security vendor. The cost is over badget of each researcher. So, the effort to reduce applications and services on this site to reduce the cost had been paid as possible.

That effort and support from out reserach center continues this site.

This page shows the table about continued, expired or integrated application and service.

Apologies for significant modifications.

Date of the modification

On 31st March, 2016, expired contents (applications and services) and sources of moved contents will be closed.

Table of modifications

Special Site

Rapid Survey Map of Kanto Plain/Tokyo 5000 MBTilescontinuedMoved to on 23rd February, 2016.
Ariel Photo of Disaster Area (only Japanese version)expiredVisit

Web Service

Simple Reverse Geocoding Servicecontinued
Tile Map Cache Service RESTcontinued
FGD DEM Extraction ServicecontinuedMoved to "Raster Data Extraction Service"
Municipality List ServiceintegratedUse "(NEW) Municipality List Service"
Municipality Name and Cetroid List Service
Simple Geocoding Service
Fundamental Geospatial Data Web Map ServiceintegratedIntegrated into "Map Providing Service WMS".
Place Name Web Map Service
Historical Agro-Environemnt Web Map Service
National Land Numerical Information Web Map Service (etude)
Sunrise and Sunset Calculation Serviceexpired
Expression Syntactic Analysis Serviceexpired
Point Information Serviceexpired
Day of Week and Holiday Calcuation Serviceexpired
Mesh Layer Image Service for Google Mapsexpired
Tile Map Cache Service tmcwms.phpexpired


"Rice Growth Diagnostic Assistant (only Japanese version) for PC/SP"continued
Agricultural Land Use Transition Mapcontinued
Rice Growth Diagnostic Assistant for Feature PhoneexpiredUse PC/SP version.
Fundamental Geospatial Data ExtractionintegratedIntegrated into "Map Providing Service Extraction App".
Agricultural Land Use Transition Map Extraction
Sunrise and Sunset Calculation on the mapexpired
Dam Impoundment Map (only Japanese version)expiredDam Storage Rate KML is continued.
Polygon Makerexpired
Point Information Service Viewerexpired


Nearby Municipality List Service (only Japanese version)integratedVisit "(NEW) Municipality List Service"
Worldfile Roughly Converter (only Japanese version)expired
tmc2expiredBecomes new "Tile Map Cache Service".
Linear Regression Calculation Service (only Japanese version)expired
Mesh Climate Extraction Service (only Japanese version)expired
KML circle generation service (only Japanese version)expired
New ALTMAP (only Japanese version)expired
Mesh Climate Viewer (only Japanese version)expired


PostGIS Manual Japanese versioncontinuedMoves to

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