How to use Extraction App

Basic Operation

Specifying extraction area

[Image: Initial state]

Immediately after opening the application, the map of Japan appears.

[Image: After operating the map]

Operate the map application to show nearby the area to extract.

[Image: Extraction box with green border]

Click the point on the map to specify the area to extract. For more information about clicking point and extraction area, see Anchor.

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Specifying parameters

[Image: Showing options of Image Type]

Specify the data type at "Image Type". You can select GeoTIFF or JSON.

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Getting the data

[Image: Where download button exists]

Click "Download" button and save the data on the dialog.

[Image: example by QGIS]

Saved data will be handled with GIS.

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[Image: Options of Anchor]

"Anchor" has North-West, North-East, South-West, South-East and Center options. The extraction box is available as the corner of the box and clicked point are same, excepting Center. If center is selected, the box is as the center of the box and clicked point are same.

[Image: Inputing location value]

You can change anchor location values immediately. For example, if "North-West" is selected, you can change "North" and "West" values.

[Image: After location value is changed]

When location values are changed, the location of extraction box is changed.

[Image: After size value is changed]

Width and Height can be always changed.

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[Image: ページ上部のPermalinkをクリックしたところ]

Click "Permalink" on the menu bar and click "Show" button.

[Image: Permalink表示例]

Permalink appears. Permalink is the URL including map location, lcation of extraction box and so on. If you want to extract in the neighbouring, it is useful to create the bookmark to open the URL.

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  • This application uses Fundamental Geospatial Data published by The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) with its approval under the article 30 of The Survey Act. (Approval Number ZYOU-SHI No.340 2015)
  • A part of this service is a result of SIP (Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program), Agro-Innovation.

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