Site URLs are being changed on 1st April, 2020

  • Published on 27th December, 2019

All contents in AGinfo.JP and will be integrated into site.


It is provided in the rules of the organization that we should use domain name.

How are URLs changed ?

For almost contents (including Web Services), you need to only change the domain name.

For example, URL of "Planning & Management Support" (AGinfoJP) are changed to

And "Simple Reverse Geocoding Service" (Finds) to

What the domeinname means belongs to Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Research Council. cgk has been assigned to Western Region National Agriculture Research Center, and it was named after late Chugoku National Agricultural Experimantal Station.


27th December, 2019 published
1st April, 2020
Starts redirection from AGinfo.JP and to
1st June, 2020 and fully closed
1st July, 2020 and fully closed

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