News from the old site, AGinfo

27th December, 2019
"LAIS Software Developer's Network" and "PFU Manager" have been closed.
13th April, 2015
"LAIS Software Developer's Network" has been moved to the other site.
23rd June, 2014
HTTPS communication became available again
21st April, 2014
HTTPS communcation has gone down
10th March, 2014
System Event at 10th March, 2014
2nd February, 2010
System Event at 26th February, 2010
30th July, 2009
Avoided System Event at 7th August, 2009
28th July, 2009
System Event at 7th August, 2009
11th June, 2009
System may be suspended at 28th June, 2009
14th January, 2009
System Event at 30th January, 2009 for 4 days
22nd April, 2008
"Reverse Geocoding Service" comes up.
6th January, 2008
System Event at 25th January, 2008 for 3 days
29th October, 2007
System Event at 1st November, 2007 for 10 days
20th September, 2007
System Event at 26th September, 2007
8th June, 2007
  • "Secure site seal" comes up at the toppage.
  • "HTTPS on this site" comes up.
7th June, 2007
  • The public server certificate has been installed to use by SSL.
  • Inquiry Form (SSL Version) comes up.
9th February, 2007
"lanning and Management Support Software for Farm Work" comes up.
5th February, 2007
System Event at 17th February, 2007
2nd September, 2006
Links to related sites comes up.
4th August, 2006
"Cropping Strategy Support System for Vegetables" comes up.
3rd July, 2006
LAIS site on WeNARC official website has been closed.
27th June, 2006
Inquiry Form comes up.
12th June, 2006
AGinfo.JP is integrated with Laboratory of Information Systems official website.
2nd April, 2006
Our organization has been reorganized.

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