WMC Tokyo5000 Local Content Experiment

  • Published on 7th October, 2010

I want you to test an Android application.


"WMC - A map viewer for Android" can show the map which stored on the device, and you can see the map without communication.

Now, Tiled Tokyo 5000 Map (early Meiji era, about 130 years ago) has been created experimentally. I want you to test WMC and tiled map stored on you device.

To see Tokyo 5000 Map with your browser, visit Altmap Tokyo 1:5000.


Old Shimbashi Station



with FGD (current map)

(FGD (current map) tiles are acquired from WMS Server(GYOU-SHI No.449 2008) via the Internet)

Requirement to use WMC and the content

  • Android 1.6 or upper device
  • Environment to download 268MB content.

How to participate the experiment

If you would paricipate "WMC Tokyo5000 Local Content Experiment", please tell me with following items

  • "Participation on WMC Tokyo5000 Local Content Experiment"
  • Your e-mail address (to show you URL to download)

From AGinfo.JP Inquiry Form

  • Visit SSL Version(Related Site) or Non-SSL Version(Related Site) .
  • Fill "Name" item.
  • Fill "Mail Address" items. Be carefull to fill correct address.
  • Write "Participation on WMC Tokyo5000 Local Content Experiment" into "Text" item.
  • Send it.
  • Wait for the mail which contains URL to download the content.

Other way

See more information about inquiery,visit Inquiery.


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