History 2010

Here are bulletin on this site including system events, new contents, expiration, etc. of 2010.

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12th November, 2010
FGDJ geospatial data have been updated.
12th October, 2010
FGDJ WMS (cache service) returned errors between 8th and 12th October, 2010.
7th October, 2010
WMC Tokyo5000 Local Content Experiment has been publicated.
25th August, 2010
Data for Simple Reverse Geocoding Service are updated.
9th August, 2010
Communication will be interrupted on 14th September has been available.
26th July, 2010
WMS services down at 26th July, 2010 has been published.
14th May, 2010
Historical Agro-Environment Web Map Service (Fukuyama) has been available.
26th February, 2010
"WMC - A map viewer for Android" has been released under modified BSD license.
25th February, 2010
Suspended at 26th February, 2010 has shown.
2nd February, 2010
(AGinfoJP) System Event at 26th February, 2010
12th January, 2010
In ALTMAP, Tokyo 1/5000 Map was added.

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