History 2013

Here are bulletin on this site including system events, new contents, expiration, etc. of 2013.

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18th December, 2013
Server Down on 9th December, 2013.
15th August, 2013
Data for Simple Reverse Geocoding Service and Place Name Web Map Service (Tile Map Cache Service) have been updated.
25th July, 2013
Acculacy Level 2500 Data are available at Fundamental Geospatial Data Extraction
24th June, 2013
Some layers of Map Tile Cache Service will be expired
1st April, 2013
"Vegetables Crop Planning Assistant" has been expired.
15th March, 2013
Cache service for FGD 1:2500 WMS starts at Tile Map Cache Service.
12th March, 2013
Fundamental Geospatial Data Web Map Service starts providing accuracy level 1:2500 data.
18th January, 2013
Deprecated cache supports have been expired
7th January, 2013
Fundamental Geospatial Data 25000 Extraction is available.

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