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Here are bulletin on this site including system events, new contents, expiration, etc.

17th Oct, 2022
11-14 Oct, HTTPS connection error (After the Fact)
10th Oct, 2022
7th April, 2022
This site is expired soon
9th Nov, 2021
Server Down on 13 Nov, 2021 (Planned)
20th October, 2020
Server Down on 27 Nov, 2020 (Planned)
19th October, 2020
Server Down on 14 Nov, 2020 (Planned)
5th August, 2020
A part of Tile Cache Service with proxy did not work properly
1st April, 2020
  • Site URLs of AGinfo.JP and Finds.jp have been changed.
27th December, 2018
8th December, 2018
Communication Interruption on 8th December, 2018 (After the Fact)
29th Mary, 2018
PostGIS Manual Japanese Version has been added to "Excepted Contents" in Terms of Use of Contents because it is licensed under "CC BY-SA", not "CC BY" (It has little influence).
28th March, 2018
WCS in Raster Data Providing Service has started.
20th March, 2018
Reverse Geocoding Service returned wrong response
16th October, 2017
Map data licenses have been changed
26th May, 2017
Now supports HTTPS
27th March, 2017
Map data license will be changed
30th January, 2017
Communication Interruption on 30th January, 2017 (After the Fact)
23rd January, 2017
WMS provided wrong responses
5th January, 2017
This site will continue in 2017 fiscal year


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